Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today would have been my mom's 77th birthday. A couple of people have asked if I'm going to the cemetery today. I don't think so. Instead, I'm going to pay tribute to my mom by doing things she would enjoy doing all day. I'm having the cleaning lady come to clean my house, I'm going to get my nails done this afternoon, and I hope to fit in an afternoon nap. Later this evening, I will have something chocolate. It's what my mother would have wanted.

One day when I've moved on from this world, I don't want my children to feel they have to go to my grave site on my birthday and other holidays. I won't be there. Instead, I hope my children will tell their children a funny story about me and spend the day doing things I would have enjoyed. Hopefully I'll be able to see them somehow, just as I hope my own mother will see me today, paying tribute to her wonderful life.

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