Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mars and Venus

There's not a lot of things I know for sure in this world. I know addiction is evil. I know lying, cheating, stealing, and wishing bad on people will land you a wake up call from karma. I know it rains a lot in Seattle, and I know with 100% certainty that men and women do not think the same way. 

You've heard the saying "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus", and it's true. Sometimes a man and a woman can both have the same wonderful idea!  Both have the best of intentions, but before things are said and done, they are in the middle of a full blown argument. Why? Simply because we process things differently.

If you know me even a little bit, you know that I love to observe and analyze people's behaviors. But most of my friends are women. My therapist is a woman. My coworkers are women. So when I have the opportunity to get a man's perspective on a topic, particularly when it pertains to relationships, I jump at the chance!

Today my friend Nodrog and I were discussing if it's right or wrong, okay or annoying when a person constantly feels the need to ask their partner where they stand. Even after a great date, the person wants confirmation that they will indeed see each other again. "Are we good?"  "Is everything okay with us?"  I believe it's mainly women who do this, but I'm sure in some relationships, men do it too. 

I told Nodrog that I had to learn to break myself of this annoying habit. Sometimes I still slip up, but I'm aware of it and try very hard not to do it. Nodrog had something to say that I found very interesting. With his permission I am quoting it. 

 "...women are just different than men.  They go after what they want.  Men have the luxury of sitting back and letting the woman chase.  It doesn't mean we don't want you.  We just subconsciously know you (the woman) is like that.  Of course, men chase too, but when we do it, it's in a different way.  Our chases are rather irrational.  Women chase in a more intellectual way.  Women have a strategy and an agenda, and a bigger picture in their chases, and that's often why they're disappointed, because men tend to instinctually expect the woman to take care of everything". 

Another thing I'm pretty sure about: Men and women get along pretty well until they become romantic. Then, forget it. They start speaking two different languages. It's over. 

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