Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Reflections

I have a busy day planned today, with a very full schedule, but it's pretty and sunny, and my head seems to be clear enough to handle it all. 

I'm getting ready to start some minor, but overdue remodeling at my house. I have some folks coming today to take away a very large dining room set. I plan to convert that room into a bedroom; which was its original purpose. I will move my son to that room and turn his room into a much needed guest bedroom. 

After that, I want to make some changes to my living room. We've been in our house nearly 11 years now, and it's time for something fresh. Hopefully my very large imagination will not get ahead of my very small budget. 

I worry today about a school friend of mine who is very ill, battling for his life in the hospital. He has overcome cancer, only to find his lungs destroyed from the harsh chemotherapy. He is one of my "Boys of Summer", and spent several evenings back in the day, hanging out on my front porch. He seems to be at every concert I attend, and his daughter goes to the same school as my daughter. A nice, nice guy, and I wish him well. 

Kitty and her husband will be here for a visit in two weeks. It seems unreal, but they just passed the 3 year anniversary of their move to South Florida. I am very much looking forward to seeing them. 

Even though it was chilly yesterday, and the wind had quite a bite to it, spring is definitely upon us. I believe we've seen the last of the snow, and I'm starting to see flowers and some color. I welcome spring. I don't necessarily welcome all that comes with it, but I am happy to bid farewell to this harsh, seemingly never ending winter. 

Blessings to everyone as we begin a new week. 

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