Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ready To See You Go, Old Friend

All my life I have loved winter. This puts me in the minority, but fall and winter are my favorite seasons, and always have been. But I have to say, this year has been an exception. As much as I dislike spring, and the sweltering heat and humidity of summer, I absolutely cannot wait for this winter to end.

It seems like the ground was covered in a white frozen blanket for months. But more importantly, there was packed snow and ice on the roads leading to my house for weeks and weeks. It was bitterly cold. The kids have missed so much school, they will be in class until well into June. But I honestly think the thing I hated worst was the mass hysteria created by the Weatherazzi.  People were constantly in a frenzy, sometimes even a sheer panic, worried about blizzards, ice storms, raging wins, bitter cold, and deep snow. While we often got some accumulation after those doomsday predictions, they were rarely as bad as predicted. It just kept every one on a nervous red alert status all winter. It was exhausting. Fear and panic made it impossible to enjoy the days that were beautiful.

As we approach spring, I'm sure we will now be plagued with a constant flow of storm and tornado warnings. Hours of media coverage for nearly every approaching storm. At least I will be able to get outside and not have to sit in front of the television preparing for gloom and doom every other day.

Farewell Winter of '13-'14.....that is, IF you ever end. 

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