Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Mom

An interesting thing happened the other day. A friend of mine had written a post on Facebook, giving an update about her mother, who was in the hospital. My friend had stayed with her as long as she could, but after a couple of days, she needed to go home for a night, and rest. 

When my friend went back the next day, she asked her mom how she had managed the night on her own. The mother said she hadn't been alone. She has been visiting with the girl's father. 

Tina's father died at least 10 years ago. 

I decided to write a note back to my friend. I was telling her that my father had told me sometimes when he drifts off for a nap, he wakes up talking to my mom. He's actually talking out loud, only to realize after he is coherent, that no one is there. It makes him feel silly. 

I've told my father before, I believe mom is there. Just as I believe my friend's father was there, keeping her mother company. But that's not the odd part of the story. 

When I was typing my response to my friend, I was using my phone. When I got to the part of my response where I said my dad felt silly, AutoCorrect kicked in. It changed the word "silly" to my mothers first name. So what I actually typed out was "it makes him feel Dolly". 
 It was strange, and a bit overwhelming to see my mom's name pop up in that sentence. Obviously the letters are very close on the keyboard, and I can see how it happened. But it made me stop and stare at the word for a moment. Who knows? Maybe mom was with me that day too.

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