Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Go On....You Deserve It

So many friends I know are struggling right now. Some with health, some with romance, many with their jobs!  We are  frustrated with many things in our lives. 

It's odd to me how we each handle our stress in different ways.   I have two friends who who control their stress by working out vigorously. And by vigorously, I mean kinda over the top. Hours every day. One of them is a self proclaimed exercise addict. 

The concept of deriving pleasure from 6:00 a.m. double sessions at fit booty camp is foreign. I seem to prefer over indulgence with food and alcohol. Very destructive. Kitty says it's escapism. For me, I think maybe it's something I feel I  can control. No one else can control what I eat or drink but me. Well I'm in a bad phase of it right now. Somehow I get relaxation from indulgence. And right now I've convinced myself I need and deserve it. 

I hope this passes soon. 

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