Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 50

Aside from a sweet local newscaster, there wasn't a noteworthy 50th birthday in April. Not in my circle of friends, anyway. But to make up for it, there are two in May.

The first occurs mid month, when my friend Old Beth celebrates her milestone birthday.

For the record, I don't call her Old Beth because she's old. I call her that because I have two good friends named Beth, and one day, years ago, when I mentioned "Beth" was coming for a visit, my son said "Which Beth?" I realized I didn't think my kids actually knew the last name of either of them, so I had to think of some way to distinguish them. At the time they'd only met my work friend Beth on a couple of occasions, but had known the other one their entire lives, so I said "OLD Beth". It stuck.

I first met Old Beth in the 4th grade but we didn't get tight until middle school. She still looks like a kid. She's cute, small, and feisty.

I haven't talked to her a lot about her feelings on turning 50. After surviving a horrific car crash in the early 80's, I would say she's just glad to be alive.

I know she's not where she thought she would be in life right now. A lot of us aren't. But she's beautiful, she's funny, and she is so very blessed.

I hope and pray she will see that and will make the most of what life has to offer. I feel like there's a lot more to come for Old Beth!!

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