Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 50

Today is the 50th birthday of my friend, and Detach reader, Kim. I've been friends with Kim for over 30 years, since the 8th grade. I have known her husband just as long. He turned 50 this month as well.

I recently asked Kim's thoughts on the subject. She told me she is embracing 50. She spent her birthday at her very favorite place, the beach.

Kim told me Cher's song "If I Could Turn Back Time" keeps popping in her head. But, she says, you know, we can't turn back time. Can't change it - so embrace it!

So far, turning 40 was much worse for her than 50. She says she has a few more aches than she used to, and had to see a chiropractor for the first time in Jan. She hurt her back, in yoga!!

Kim told me, "I could, but won't get philosophical about 50. I don't feel my age most days. And I think for as much as I've been in the sun, my skin has held up pretty good. Thanks to moisturizer from about the time I was 14!"

Happy Birthday Kim!

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