Monday, October 1, 2012

You Knew That Couldn't Last

When I started writing the Timeline series, I was actually feeling pretty happy. I honestly felt like I may have arrived at the place I'd been striving for. I was happy and hopeful. It was time to do a recap. After I wrote the last entry, that all changed. The bottom fell out. So there's no happy ending to the Timeline--only more pieces of it.

It's been a fucked up few weeks. So much so, I've not really had the energy to write. I've been very depressed, and feel like all my hard work and progress has been useless. I won't feel that way forever, I know. But right now, I'm frozen. No desire to write, no desire to even move. I just feel like sleeping and staying in my two safe places--at my desk and in my house.

It was stupid of me to think things were falling into place for me. Somehow I always manage to sniff out and stumble upon chaos and discontent.

I'm not going to say I'm back to square one, but I have had a set back. So for now...the Timeline ends at Part Five.

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Gordon said...

Don't stay at your desk or in your house. You'll end up like me!