Thursday, October 15, 2015

Even Monday???

I was having a text conversation with Kitty a few days ago. One statement she made during the conversation really resounded with me. She said "I want to enjoy EVERY day. Not drag through to the weekend or whatever special occasion". 

Wow. Enjoy EVERY day? Is that possible?

So I bounced the idea off of Sally, and we kind of ran with it. What would it take to have something in your life each day to look forward to? Something that would make you happy or bring you joy? Since then we have both made a conscious effort to focus on one joyful thing each day. It's not always easy, but it is very rewarding. And I think it's important. We spend so much time counting down to the weekend. Life is short, why only enjoy a small piece of it?

If you can't enjoy your job, plan something to look forward to in the evening. Or plan a break during the workday and do something special. Even if it is 10 minutes to meditate or pray, to redirect your thoughts to something positive or productive. 

So many of my friends  have stressful jobs or situations right now. I hope you all accept this challenge and look for some ray of good in each and every day.  Even Monday....

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Gordon said...

I've always spent quite a bit of time in a zone-out mode. My natural state is detachment and independence. Even as I'm older now, taking care of my sick mother is not as stressful as it might be for some because I experience a certain amount of peace every day. That peace does not come from religion, other people, coffee, or a beer. There's just some sort of overflow valve in my brain that keeps the necessary functions going, and shuts down what I call the over-talkers - the parts that cause anxiety in many people. I've never been a consistently happy person, but I think I experience more peace than most.